Frances McDormand

  • Frances McDormand
    • Famous as : Actress
    • Birth Name : Frances Louise McDormand
    • Birth Date : June 23, 1957
    • Birth Place : Chicago, Illinois, USA
    • Spouse : Joel Coen (film director, since 1984)
    • Claim to Fame : As Mrs. Pell in "Mississippi Burning" (1988)

Frances McDormand Biography

Not only skilled at constructing three-dimensional characters in her portrayals, Frances Louise McDormand is also known for her ability to dissolve into the roles she plays, which clearly points out that she has become more than just a good character actress that people highly respect of. One of the three adopted children of Canadian couple named Vernon and Noreen McDormand, she was born on June 23, 1957 in Chicago, Illinois and has legally become the member of the family since she was still a mere toddler of one and a half years old. Her early childhood was spent in a succession of small Bible-Belt towns which covered Georgia, Kentucky, and Tennesse to follow her father carrying out his service as a Disciples of Christ pastor specialized in restoring failing Disciples congregations. Since the nomadic life caused her to move often, she consequently became an awkward also solitary girl who did not enjoy her schooltime much, and this condition still continued when the family finally settled in Monessen, a quiet city located in the suburban area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by the time she turned eight.

Though she took little interest in studying at school, Frances was an enthusiastic student in English subject and paid great attention on dramatic works, in this case the selections from Shakespeare that were part of the syllabus, during her high school years. This was later noticed by her English teacher who then invited her to take part in the institution's annual stage production she directed. Accepted the offer, the teen unexpectedly found herself to be very serious in preparing for her role to eventually realize that this performing thing had really taken roots within her. Intended to learn more about drama after her graduation in 1975, the blonde subsequently took a major in theater at Bethany College, West Virginia where she earned her B.A degree by 1979 before continued her study to the prestigious Yale University School of Drama to gain an MFA degree 3 years later.

Frances McDormand Biography

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