Lil Uzi Vert 'Doesn't Take' Breaks Despite People Fainting During His Day N Vegas Performance

The 'Luv Is Rage' artist tells the crowd to 'leave' if 'it's getting bad' and insists to not 'stop the rage' during his show although his fans are shouting that people pass out.

AceShowbiz - Lil Uzi Vert seemingly wants everyone to know that no one can stop his performance. The "Money Longer" rapper has refused to stop his show despite fans shouting that people were fainting during his Day N Vegas concert.

When performing on Saturday, November 13 show, fans in one area of the crowd shouted at the 26-year-old rapper to stop performing and address safety issues after some people allegedly fainted in several videos circulating on social media. Instead of stopping mid-song, he said, "I don't take no breaks. If it's gettin' bad, leave. If you ain't gonna leave, stay."

Upon learning Uzi Vert's response, fans could be heard telling him, "Stop the show, Uzi! You're f**ked up, Uzi!" Fans also screamed at him, "There's people f**king fainting, bro!" The incident reportedly happened before the "Luv Is Rage" artist told festival organizers not to "stop his rage."

Shortly after, a computerized voice told the crowd to take several steps back to give people in the front of the stage room to move and then Uzi Vert's set was cut short. The rapper only performed a handful of songs after showing up thirty minutes late to his fifty-minute set.

After videos that showed Uzi Vert refusing to stop his performance went viral, many social media users criticized the rapper. "Imagine telling people that you made wait 30 mins for to leave if they're gonna pass out because you don't wanna stop ur mid a** set?" one tweeted. Another added, "That n***a is openly a devil worshipper lmao what do yall expect."

Meanwhile, others defended Uzi Vert, noting that people were fainting before the "Bad and Boujee" spitter performed. "Set sucked. And he was like 25 minutes late. People were fainting before he even started cause they were too drunk. Let's not act like this was anything like Astroworld," one Twitter user shared, while another person wrote, "Why not help people instead of begging artist to do something. I don't understand. If i see someone faint, ima try to help them. Not yell at someone that isn't even able to assist."

Safety was indeed a top priority at the Day N Vegas music festival this past weekend following Travis Scott (II)'s tragic Astroworld Festival, which killed ten people. Aside from Uzi Vert, other hip-hop stars, Kendrick Lamar, Doja Cat, Roddy Ricch, Freddie Gibbs, also performed in the concert.

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