Rico Nasty Defended by JT for Jumping Into Crowd After Bottle Thrown at Her at Playboi Carti's Show

The 'Smack a B***h' femcee, who has been on tour with Playboi as part of his 'King Vamp Tour' as an opener, pauses her performance in a Portland, Oregon show to confront the culprit in person.

AceShowbiz - Rico Nasty has found a supporter in JT. The one-half of City Girls recently took to social media to defend the "Smack a B***h" femcee for jumping into the crowd after a bottle was thrown at her at Playboi Carti's show.

On Saturday, November 13, Rico was performing at Playboi's "King Vamp Tour" in Portland, Oregon. Unfortunately, someone from the audience threw a bottle at the raptress, prompting her to pause the show and confront the culprit.

In a video surfacing online, the 24-year-old could be heard asking the crowd, "Who, b*tch? Be specific, who was it? Who the f**k was it? Who the f**k was it? Where they going?" She then threatened, "Somebody come get this."

Much to fans' surprise, Rico, whose real name is Maria-Cecilia Simone Kelly, went down from the stage. Security guards then chased after her. It's unclear whether the hip-hop star found the culprit.

Having caught wind of the footage, JT then came to Rico's defense. "I want them to stop disrespecting her that s**t not cool! Or nothing to laugh about!!!!" the "Ex for a Reason" raptress fumed on Twitter while retweeting the clip.

Rico, who has been on tour with Playboi as part of his "King Vamp Tour" as an opener, has previously aired out her frustration over the "Miss the Rage" rapper's fans. "Anti black a** crowd," she raged on the blue-bird platform. "Weak a** little boys wit blonde pubes . Ugh . Get me out of here."

"Cause a real b***h getting paid regardless . Keep playing . D**kwheats," Rico continued. She later fired back at a Carti fan who wrote, "We're not anti black, we just want to see Carti and Ken Car$on more than you." In response, she replied, "Those n***as would spit on u irl [a crying laughing emoji] it's pathetic."

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