Emily Ratajkowski Recalls Embarrassing Moment With Beyonce Knowles at MET Gala

During an appearance on 'Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen', the model reveals that she was introduced to the 'Halo' hitmaker by the latter's sister Solange.

AceShowbiz - Emily Ratajkowski still shudders with embarrassment when she recalls her Met Gala meeting with Beyonce Knowles.

The model was introduced to the chart-topping icon by her sister Solange Knowles at the annual fashion gala in New York City and was so starstruck, she couldn't control what she was saying.

"I totally embarrassed myself," Emily recalled during an appearance on "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen". "I was like, 'No man has done what you have done with (album) Lemonade.' I had had, like, a little bit of champagne and I just decided to go for it, and it was wrong."

"She was so nice, of course, because she's used to people losing their minds, but I've never lived it down, or recovered. I just keep it together now at the Met. I'm like, 'It's all right, we don't have to say hi to that person. We'll be fine.' "

Recently, Emily shared advice she received from Hollywood agents when she was starting to transition from modelling to acting. In a new interview with BBC's Newsnight, she revealed that she was told to strip off the make-up if she wanted to advance her career.

"A lot of agents and people in the industry have said to me, and about her [Halle Berry] specifically, 'Well how you do you that is you have to get ugly. You have to prove that you're more than just the sex object. You have to go totally the other way, strip yourself down'," she said. "I thought that was such an interesting thing, that that exists. That these beautiful women, who really got to where they are by being sexualised and by being beautiful, in order to have longevity or be taken seriously, they have to make themselves ugly..."

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