Toosii Blasts Artists Who Start Caring About Fans After Astroworld Tragedy

In his Twitter post, the 'Thank You for Believing' singer accuses those artists of capitalizing off the Astroworld tragic incident that killed nine people and injured hundreds others.

AceShowbiz - Toosii has something to say about artists who appear to only start caring about fans after Travis Scott (II)'s Astrowold tragedy. In his Twitter post, the "Thank You for Believing" singer accused them of capitalizing off the incident that killed nine people.

"Why all these artists dragging it now that s**t just happened with travis?" Toosie questioned on the blue bird app, "Now everybody just wanna check on they fans? y'all ain't been giving a f**k about the fans some of y'all don't even take pictures with them." He has since deleted the tweet.

Fans seemed to agree with him as one said, "It's true though." Another person wrote, "Toosii always speak up I like that."

Another fan said that the Astroworld tragedy, which took place in Houston on November 5, served as a "wake up call" for other performers. Meanwhile, one user believed it would not last long, saying, "Its a trend… it'll end eventually." Someone also called those artists "Clout chasers."

Among those who checked on a fan in a recent show was Teyana Taylor. The "Maybe" singer paused her "Last Rose Petal" farewell tour in Los Angeles, California at The Novo mid-song to check on a fan's well being.

In a viral video from the second night of her tour on Monday, November 8, the 30-year-old musician could be seen walking to the side of the stage and instructing the security to bring the female fan to the front. "Bring her up here. She okay? We ain't doing that. Come on," the artist said. "I'm about to retire. You ain't gonna sue me, baby. [I] want to make sure you're good, baby."

Not stopping there, Teyana continued to make sure the partygoer was safe. "Make sure she got some air. She good? Her eyes open? You good? Say, 'Rose Petal.' Okay, baby. You good," the "Gonna Love Me" singer said, before resuming her performance.

In the tragic event at the Astroworld concert, eight people were killed and hundreds were injured due to crowd surge. The death toll rose to nine after student Bharti Shahani, who was declared brain dead earlier this week, died from the injuries she sustained during the concert.

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