Toosii Claims Police Pull a Gun on Him During Run-in

One of the police officers denies that it was him that yells 'gun, gun, gun,' but the 'Thank You for Believing' rapper insists that he was the only one who pulls a gun on him.

AceShowbiz - Toosii had a run-in with police when they allegedly pulled a gun on him. The "Thank You for Believing" spitter brought up the claim in a video following the incident as he was arguing with some officers.

The emcee shared the clip on Instagram on Saturday, March 11. "I did not pull no gun on him," he argued at the officers. "My gun fell on the it was not in my hand, bro, it fell out my car."

Toosii went on to note that he picked up the gun and put it in the car. However, when he put his hands up, a police officer allegedly still pulled his gun on him without probable cause.

"You was dead a** finna to shoot me," the musician told the officer. "This n***a said, 'gun, gun, gun' as if someone was finna to like, what the f**k?"

The police officer denied that it was him that yelled "gun, gun, gun." Toosii begged to differ though, insisting that he was the only one who pulled a gun on him. Other officers later joined in the verbal argument with him.

In the caption, Toosii fumed, "Mind you I live in the state of North Carolina! An OPEN CARRY STATE where I am also LICENSED TO CARRY." He further raged, "You would think officers are more trained for situations like this but instead you get officer dip s**t who pulls his gun out on me because he'a so in fear for his life and ready to kill an innocent man and take him away from his family!"

"I'm in disbelief at how someone who could have went throhhh so much training could have honestly reacted this way," the hip-hop star continued. "I could have senselessly lost my life tonight because some coward was too afraid and doesn't know how to do his job."

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