The 'American Horror Story' actress is still trying to come to terms with the 'really brutal' deaths of her mother Carrie Fisher and grandmother Debbie Reynolds.

AceShowbiz - Losing mother Carrie Fisher and grandmother Debbie Reynolds within days of each other was "brutal" for Billie Lourd.

The actress was struck by heartbreak twice in December 2016, when both her mother and grandmother passed away, and Billie admits she still "hesitates and stutters" around the subject because she isn't ready to process the loss.

"It was brutal. It was really, really brutal, and I still hesitate and stutter because it's really hard for me," she says.

Billie's mother, "Star Wars" legend Carrie, died on 27 December at the age of 60 after spending four days in intensive care.

The following day, her mother and Billie's grandmother Debbie - who was famed for her role in "Singin' in the Rain" - died from a stroke aged 84.

Almost five years on, the "American Horror Story" actress is still struggling to cope with losing her closest relatives.

"I miss my mum every day and my grandma, but really, my mom the most," she added. "She was the greatest, funniest person ever. She was my best f**king friend ever.

"There's no one who will ever be as funny as she is. She was just - she is amazing."

However, Billie Lourd previously said her relationship with mom Carrie taught her "what not to do" with her own son.

"My main job when (Carrie) was alive was taking care of her and making sure she was okay," she said. "I was her main support, and I was 7, for a lot of the time, and that was really hard and that's why I grew up really fast because I was her best friend. I was her mother, I was her kid, I was her everything. And that's one of the things I'm learning not to do with my kid."

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