Heidi Montag Turns to Acupuncture, Spencer Pratt Quits Cannabis as They 'Keep Trying' for Baby No. 2

The reality television show star and her husband continue their effort to have another child after she underwent surgery to have polyps removed from her uterus.

AceShowbiz - Heidi Montag "keeps trying to accept" that she might only have one child.

The reality star shares three-year-old son Gunner with husband Spencer Pratt and the pair have been trying to have another baby for some time. Heidi underwent a procedure recently to have polyps removed from her uterus, but she and Spencer are still trying to come to terms with the concept that they might always be a three-person family.

"Heidi just keeps trying to accept, like, maybe Gunner's going to be our only child. I try not to accept that, but I think she's just doing that," Spencer told Life & Style magazine. "So, if that is the case one day, so insane."

Despite her fears that she might not get pregnant again, Spencer added that the plan is to "keep trying."

And, in the meantime, the couple is being as healthy as possible in a bid to boost their chances of conceiving.

"I'm on every single herbal supplement for fertility (that) you can buy," Spencer added. "Heidi's going to an acupuncturist to try to help with fertility. I'm not even using CBD anymore. Like, that's how like serious and clean."

Heidi Montag previously said, "Before the pandemic, we were talking about having another child. And then the pandemic hit, and we didn't know where the world was going... or if there was even going to be a functioning society. At that point, it was kind of scary of what was going to happen. So, we waited a little bit."

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