Josh Homme's Daughter Granted Restraining Order Against Him Following Abusive Claims

The frontman of Queen of the Stone Age is ordered by the court to remain at least 100 yards away from his eldest daughter Camille Homme after she filed for domestic violence restraining orders against him.

AceShowbiz - Josh Homme clearly cannot get close to his daughter Camille Homme. Just a few days after a judge denied his two other children's restraining order applications, the singer of Queen of the Stone Age's eldest kid was granted a restraining order against him.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, the 48-year-old rocker was ordered by the judge to remain at least 100 yards away from Camille pending a hearing slated for later this month. In the legal documents, the 15-year-old girl claimed that her father was "physically and verbally abusive to the kids, had groped his sons, drank and drove with them in the vehicle." Camille also accused Josh of threatening her 42-year-old mother Brody Dalle and her boyfriend. In it, Camille pointed out that her father once said that he will "f**king murder and kill" his ex-wife's beau.

In separate restraining orders, Josh's two other kids, 10-year-old Orrin Ryder and 5-year-old Wolf Dillon Reece, gave their handwritten statements about the physical and verbal abuse they allegedly endured.

Orrin wrote, "Joshua Homme, myself, and Dean Fertida were sitting on the couch and my dad Joshua Homme reached over and grabbed my private parts even when I told him to stop and kept saying 'Balls' over and over."

Orrin went on accusing Josh of other physical abuse, such as flicking his ears, hitting his head, poking his chest and throwing things at him. Josh allegedly also made verbal abuse against his own child, calling Orrin fat.

Meanwhile, Josh's younger son Wolf claimed that his father called his ex-wife Brody curse words. For some reasons, Wolf admitted that he's scared when he had to go to his father's house. "My dad said he was going to murder, shoot, and kill my mom's boyfriend Gunner. I am scared he is going to hurt to kill them. It's all the time and I am scared," the little boy concluded.

Following the restraining order request, Josh's attorney Susan Wiesner denied all the accusations. She explained, "Ms. Dalle has previously brought these claims to the police, DCFS, and the presiding judge of the family law court, all of whom have declined to take any action based upon these spurious claims."

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