'BiP' Recap: One Couple Reunites, Admits to Dating Before the Show

A new episode of the ABC dating competition show sees one man's relationship status is in question as Pieper James shakes things up with her surprise arrival.

AceShowbiz - In a new episode of "Bachelor in Paradise", two exes reconnected and two couples hoped for a positive future ahead. The episode, which arrived on Monday night, September 6, saw one man's relationship status was in question. Pieper James also shook things up with her surprise arrival.

Kicking off the new outing was Joe and Kendall reflecting on their past romance. "We were really in love and, for me, it hasn't been easy," Joe said. Kendall agreed, saying, "It's difficult for me to not have you be a part of my life. I do want you in my life. You're a special part of my life, and want you to be in my life in some capacity. It's hard to not have that."

She went on to say, "You try to move on, but for some reason it doesn't feel right, and it's hard to. I guess the thing that was difficult for me is the reason why we broke up is not because we didn't love each other, it was because of logistics."

In a confessional, Kendall added, "We still loved each other when we broke up. I feel like this is the last time I can have a conversation with him, and figure out what we're really meant to be before Joe finds someone else. Because I still love Joe, and I hope he still has love for me."

Kendall insinuated that she didn't want to be apart from Joe anymore. While Joe shared the sentiment, he noted the fact that Kendall wasn't willing to even give living in Chicago a try. "You should've wanted to at least try Chicago," he said. "Your whole thing was, 'I don't want to move anywhere for a man.' I should've been more than just 'a man' at that point. We could've tried it."

He said in a confessional, "I think it's pretty clear that Kendall still loves me, but I don't know if I still love Kendall," he said. "… I have something with Serena that I don't want to just throw away. I don't. I like where that's going. This is messy… I don't know what to do in this situation."

Meanwhile, Serena cried seeing Joe and Kendall. "I don't want this to get in Joe's head and ruin a good thing we've got going. It's tough. It's just a lot," she divulged. "They fell in love here. It was his first serious relationship. This is where it started. This is where they fell in love. That is a powerful thing. That is what's kind of worrisome."

As for Mari, she tried to fix her relationship with Kenny. "I don't want to be without him, and I don't want to be with anyone else," she said in a confessional. "I'm scared to talk to him, but I need to take action. I know what I want and I need to go after it."

She then told Kenny, "I still, obviously, really like you." Kenny was surprised by Mari's admission. "The Mari situation is different than the other ones, because with her, there is something special," he admitted in a confessional. "I'm not going to jump right back into this with Mari. I just can't do that."

Brendan and Natasha were bonding well until Pieper arrived. It was rumored that Brendan and Pieper dated before the show, though Brendan assured that he and Pieper were "casual." Natasha, however, doubted it as Pieper asked Brendan on a date as soon as she arrived.

"I've spent time with Pieper already and we have a certain connection. You and I have a certain connection. Exploring both is something I want to do," Brendan told Natasha. "It's been super casual [with Pieper], and this is an opportunity for us to have meaningful, deep conversations, kind of like we've already had in our short time here."

He continued, "This is purely coincidence. If the roles were reversed, I wouldn't feel particularly great about it, but I'd know you have to do what's best for yourself. I would never want to keep you from an opportunity to explore something. I'm not going to keep myself from an opportunity to explore something and see where it goes."

During the date, Brendan explained to Pieper why he appeared to downplay their past romance on the show and Pieper seemed to be satisfied with his explanation. She even called Brendan "boyfriend" in a confessional. Brendan, meanwhile, told someone off camera that he spent times with Natasha because "she had zero prospects otherwise."

Natasha and Brendan then had a conversation in which Brendan appeared to deny ever felt romantical to Natasha. "No I didn't say that, but I said, 'Natasha, I'm giving you this rose because at the very least you deserve to find love and if it's not with me it can be with someone else,' " he told her, adding, "You decided to, in my opinion, have somewhat of selective hearing." Natasha called Brendan a "liar."

Meanwhile, Demi was upset as Kenny and Mari got hot and heavy. As for Tammy, she wasn't happy with Thomas accepting a date with Becca. The episode also saw Jessenia accusing someone of lying. Another girl also cried in frustration, saying, "I want to go home."

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