Ne-Yo's Ex Sade Apologizes After He Called Cops During Their Heated Argument on IG Live
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Promosing to 'do better,' Sade Bagnerise blames 'postpartum' and 'frustration' after she was removed from the 'Stay' singer's house for ranting against him on Instagram Live.

AceShowbiz - Ne-Yo's ex and baby mama Sade Bagnerise has expressed her remorse after she aired out their dirty laundry on Instagram Live. After a moment of self reflection, she apologized to the singer and promised to "do better."

In a statement issued via her Instagram Story on Thursday, April 25, Sade blamed "postpartum" and "frustration" for her rant, which she aired live. "So I'm drinking my boba tea talking to my Dad on the phone, self-reflecting. & I'd like to apologize for putting yall in our business," she wrote. "Emotions were heightened, and I want the best him to show up. But I understand you can't make ppl feel you."

"I have good faith in everything will come together," Sade claimed. "Full moon was out, cycle on, postpartum built with frustration and a lot of underlining issues that we needed to be addressed. Trying to do that with the problem present made heightened emotions."

She added, "I'm human. I hurt too. & I want the best for everyone. That's all I was fussing for. Nothing more. Some understanding. I wouldn't be fussing if I didn't think he was capable of being the best. I show up different," before concluding, "Sorry for how I communicated my frustration with you @neyo, sincerely. Let's do better."

Sade previously showed up at Ne-Yo's Georgia mansion at 12:30 A.M. on Thursday. She turned on the live during their heated argument, accusing him of wanting to have other women around instead of spending time with their children. She also accused him of body-slamming her.

"Tell them about the freak-off, Diddy junior," she said in the video, likening her ex to Sean "P. Diddy" Combs. "You body-slammed me," she added. "Tell them the real you. Tell them why we're here today."

She later responded to critics who accused her of antagonizing her baby daddy. "All this because I just want the best for the ones who need the love and affection the most. False narratives and empty promises," she wrote.

She said that she's willing to "be the villain. If that means standing up for the ONLY thing matters." She insisted, "I don't feel bad about shi. I wasn't antagonizing. I WAS PRESSING THE LINE. 4 all the RIGHT reasons."

According to, Sade left Ne-Yo's home after cops arrived. When reached by the news outlet, Sade said, "We are two parents co-parenting and we had a heated argument."

She admitted that "emotions escalated" and insisted, "I removed myself from the home." She hoped they could grow from this incident, adding that she wants Ne-Yo to be a "more attentive, proactive" father to their sons.

Sade shares two children with Ne-Yo. She was in relationship with the 44-year-old star and became pregnant with his kids when he was still married to Crystal Renay Williams.

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