'Bachelor in Paradise' Finale Recap: Find Out Who Breaks Up and Gets Engaged

The final episode of 'Bachelor in Paradise' season 7 features engagements, makeups and breakups with Noah and Abigal's mid-breakup kicking off the episode.

AceShowbiz - The romance at the beach has come to an end as "Bachelor in Paradise" season 7 aired its finale on Tuesday, October 5. The season finale featured engagements, makeups and breakups with Noah and Abigal's mid-breakup kicking off the episode.

Noah tried to convince Abigail that he "wasn't trying to blindside" her, adding that he "loved the entire time we've had." To that, Abigail responded, "I was actually coming here today to tell you that I was falling in love with you, too. I wasn't even the one that was initiating that conversation. You were. You were pushing me to open up. That hurts. I know you can't feel how you feel, but it's just if you were feeling that way, you don't say that."

"That's why this is hard. At the end of the day, I just wasn't your person," Noah said, "You shouldn't hold that against yourself at all." Abigail replied, "You're right. You're not my person. I just want to forget about this and just move on. I don't want to do this anymore. I honestly don't know what you want me to say. There's nothing else to say."

Fortunately, it was revealed that Abigail and Noah rekindled their romance following the show.

Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes then made a visit to encourage the remaining contestants to have tough conversations with each other. The first pair were Thomas and Becca. While Thomas felt "so strongly" that they are meant to be, it wasn't the case for Becca. "I feel like sometimes it's too good to be true, and that scares me... I couldn't leave here [and] feel OK about leaving with somebody that I don't 100 percent fully know," she said.

At one point, Thomas was crying. After he left, Becca started to question her decision. "When he was like, 'Just leave here with me. Just have faith in us.' I've never heard that from a guy before. I didn't hear it from the last two guys I was engaged to, that's for sure." she shared. Their romance didn't end there as the two reunited after "Paradise".

Mykenna and Ed broke up because they weren't in the same page. "I've really had a great time getting to know you... I don't know if we've built a strong enough bond," she said. "I think there's just something missing for me. I don’t think I can be what you are looking for."

Anna would love to explore her relationship with James, but the latter disagreed. "I don't think I'm in a place right now where I can see us falling in love," he said, making Anna feel like he was being "slightly led on." James them immediately apologized. The same thing happened to Aaron and Tia. Aaron left with James, who is now his roommate and BFF.

Things were different for Maurissa and Riley, who got engaged in the finale. "Maurissa, I love you, and I've loved you since our very first date," said Riley. The couple is still happily engaged. Also in love and engaged are Mari & Kenny and Serena & Joe.

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