Britney Spears' Ex-Husband Claims He Suffers From 'Mild PTSD' After Airport Arrest

When addressing his latest trouble with the law in a 24-minute-long Instagram video, Jason Allen Alexander claims he ended up 'in handcuffs because of something stupid.'

AceShowbiz - Britney Spears' first ex-husband apparently has had enough of having trouble with the law. Just a few days after he was busted at Nashville airport, Jason Allen Alexander claimed he suffered from "mild PTSD" from being arrested.

Jason addressed the matter in a video shared on Instagram on Tuesday, August 31. "It's crazy what's happening... What's happened to me should never happen to somebody, like, it should never happen," he argued. "I did nothing wrong but I got freaking treated like... and still! With news articles being printed about the situation. This is f**king gnarly, dude."

"You end up in handcuffs because of something stupid and it inconveniences you very extremely. And for an average person, some of that could cause PTSD," the 39-year-old went on ranting. "Like, I suffer from mild PTSD from being arrested."

While lashing out at the media for writing about his arrest, Jason brought up his ex-wife Britney's recent dog drama. "You guys seen what happened to Britney. Her nanny or cook or one of her maids or some s**t came out and said she assaulted her," he scoffed.

"You know what I mean? With some story about her dogs or something I know that's bulls**t. Anyone know Britney knows that's a bunch of bulls**t," he continued. "They can go print something and try to smear you because, you know, that's daddy [Jamie Spears] paying the media to smear campaign you basically. These outlets like Radar Online, TMZ - they get paid for these stories. I lived in Hollywood for 12 years."

Jason's post came after he was arrested by Nashville International Airport police on Sunday, August 29. Radar Online reported that he was booked on a misdemeanor charge for an air security violation. After being held at the Davidson County Sheriff's Office, he was released on the same day on a $2,500 bond.

The arrest was not Jason's first. He was previously arrested for DUI in January, in which he was hit with three misdemeanor charges, and in July 2016, in which he was sentenced to two years of probation.

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