Chris Brown Accused of Banning TikTok Creator From His Party Because She's 'Too Dark'

While the said TikTok user says she still likes the 'Kiss Kiss' singer, others blast the RnB star for his alleged colorism behavior, which is not the first time to be heard of.

AceShowbiz - A TikTok creator has exposed Chris Brown for alleged colorism behavior. The woman, who goes by @ashlyepic on the video-sharing platform, claimed that she was banned from the singer's party because of her skin color.

@ashlyepic made the allegation in a video she posted on her account earlier this month. In the clip, she was seen dancing to a song and lip-syncing the lyrics, "Baby, it's alright," to express her reaction to the alleged ban.

Over the video, the woman wrote, "When Bhris Breezy told me I was too dark to get into his party." Despite his supposed offensive treatment to her, the user declared that she's still a fan of Breezy. "Idk why I still like him I must like abuse," so she added in the caption.

Some people apparently didn't believe what she said, but a commenter has come to her defense. "Lmfaoooo why do ppl think this girl is lying??? Like how YALL gone come on here and invalidate this girl's experience as if y'all was there????" the comment read, to which the accuser replied, "Thank u so much. it's really sad."

Instagram users have also weighed in on the colorism allegation against Chris. "love cb but iant never seen him with a brown or dark woman ever, so i believe her," one person reacted to the story. Another echoed the sentiment, "I believe her, she's not the first person to say this. He's a colorist period."

"Wth, y'all be needing ppl to admit they're a colorist. Ugh!!! Look at ALL of his BM's and past GF's. It's not all out of coincidence. Accept it, Pooh," a third similarly pointed out. Someone else claimed, "He's a colorist and hits women. We all been known this."

This is indeed not the first time Chris has been accused of colorism behavior. Earlier this year, a woman claimed she wasn't allowed to enter the 32-year-old star's party because she's black.

"I was with two light skinned girls, and one white girl," the woman allegedly said in a video, as quoted by MTO News. She claimed that Chris spotted the three ladies and walked over to approach them.

"[Chris] walked up to me and looked at my girls and said you can get in, and you can get in," she recalled. Chris allegedly told the woman, "But no darkies," but the girl "kept walking, because I was like huh?" She said Chris then became agitated and repeated to her in an aggressive tone, "I said no darkies." The woman said she ended up being "literally escorted off the property."

Though the woman didn't mention Chris' name, she described the person who did this to her as a "huge R&B singer." At the end of the video, she additionally told fans that she wanted the R&B singer to "Look at Me Now", which is a clear reference to Chris' 2011 hit.

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