Kate Hudson Reveals Which of Her Three Kids Will Likely Enter Hollywood

The 'Deepwater Horizon' actress knows her children so well that she could predict which one of the three kids will follow in her footsteps in entertainment industry.

AceShowbiz - Kate Hudson is confident some of her kids will embark on careers in the entertainment industry.

The actress is the daughter of Goldie Hawn and sister of both Oliver Hudson and Wyatt Russell and, speaking to Entertainment Tonight, she admitted her children are likely to follow in her footsteps.

On whether Ryder, 17, who she shares with ex-husband Chris Robinson, Bingham, ten, who she shares with Matt Bellamy, and two-year-old Rani Rose, who she shares with her current boyfriend Danny Fujikawa, will grow to become performers, she said, "I hate to say yes, but I'm going to say yes..."

"Yeah, especially Ryder," she added. "And Bing... he's just like, a numbers guy and he's got stocks. He's really into stocks."

"He loves trading stocks, it's what he wanted for his birthday. He's ten, so I was saying by the time he's 12, he'll be handling my portfolio."

Although its too soon to speak about her youngest daughter, the proud mum admitted Rani Rose has brought a "completely different dynamic" to her family.

"She's really special," gushed Kate. "She's just this loving, funny -- she's hilarious, oh my god -- and she likes to be funny. You know, she's goofy."

"I think that when you get older and you've had kids... you kind of soak in those moments a little bit more... maybe a little more intensive. It's those moments that I just cherish."

Kate Hudson previously said she encouraged her kids to be "imaginative" when they're bored. "It's one of those things that I think there are really amazing things about technology, but I just don't want to lose that with my own kids - the importance of putting all that away. When kids are bored, they think of the most amazing things to do. My mom used to say that."

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