Jason Momoa: I'll Try My Damnedest to Keep My Kids From Going Into Acting

The 'Aquaman' actor doesn't really want his children to follow in his footsteps as a Hollywood star because of the pressure and he is not keen to put his loved ones through that.

AceShowbiz - Jason Momoa has banned his children from going into acting.

The actor may have a successful collection of blockbusters and TV shows under his belt, but he doesn't want his daughter Lola, 14, and son Nakoa, 12 - whom he has with his wife Lisa Bonet - to follow in his footsteps.

Admitting he doesn't think they're "strong" enough to deal with the pressures of the entertainment industry, he told Entertainment Tonight, "Aw man, one of them wants to do it and I'm not a fan. I don't want them to."

"I don't know. I'll try my damnedest to keep 'em out of it. I love storytelling, I love theatrical things, I like directing and filmmaking, but I just want them to, you know, really to go for other things."

"If they (really) want to, maybe. But I don't want them to get into acting. It's very hard on people and I don't want them to have that pressure. I'm tough, I can handle it, but I wouldn't want to put someone I love (through) that."

And the "Aquaman" star is even trying to branch out from acting him and, instead, land a few more directing roles.

"I've been directing for a while now, so it's been a passion," he explained. "I love to see the full project, not just be in one piece of it. But it's nice also to just do the actor stuff. I'm happy I can do both."

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