Woman Allegedly Caught Trying to Spike Trey Songz's Drink in the Club

Fans have since raised concerns about other people's safety out there after a video goes viral of a lady sneakily putting something into the 'Bottoms Up' singer's drink.

AceShowbiz - Trey Songz may have avoided falling victim to an evil scheme. The singer/songwriter recently hit a club to have some fun, but a certain person apparently tried to frame him for something he didn't intend to do as a woman allegedly tried to spike his drink.

The woman's action was caught in a video which has gone viral. In the short clip, the "Can't Help but Wait" hitmaker was seen holding a drink while he was talking to someone unseen. As his eyes looked into another direction, a lady's hand was seen sneakily putting something into his drink.

Luckily, Trey seemed to catch a glimpse of the woman's sneaky action. He quickly looked at the woman's direction and while he seemed to be unsure what she was doing, he was suspicious there was something in drink as he later turned his glance at the glass he was holding.

It's not clear what happened next, but the video has prompted reactions from fans, who were mostly concerned about the safety of Trey in particular and others out there. "The look on his face had me rolling, but that is scary. Nobody safe out here," one person commented.

Another echoed the sentiment, "I'm not laughing at the situation but the fact that they weren't even low with it and then his side-eye." A third one chimed in, "Glad they caught that on tape cus he could've been in some s**t and ya was gonna believe it and cancel."

A fourth person remarked, "Ayooooo I'm glad he caught it!" Someone was left in disbelief as saying, "not sis was trynna drug him." A shocked user wrote, "Damn she really wanna f**k like that." Someone else claimed, "s**t getting real spooky out here f**k wrong with shorty," while another noted, "That's f**ked up, fr."

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