Zoe McLellan's Ex-Husband Says Her 'Mental State Is Not Normal' for Kidnapping Their Son
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Jean-Pierre 'J.P.' Gillain, who was married to the former 'NCIS: New Orleans' star from 2012 to 2016, claims that the last time he saw their 8-year-old son Sebastian was in April 2019.

AceShowbiz - Zoe McLellan's ex-husband cannot believe that she would ever kidnap their son. Jean-Pierre "J.P." Gillain, who claimed that the "NCIS: New Orleans" alum vanished with Sebastian more than two years ago, believes that her "mental state is not normal" for doing such a thing.

"My No. 1 goal, at this point, is to find my child," J.P. first told Radar. "The last time I saw my son was April 6, 2019. I heard from his mom not too long ago over emails when we tried to find her and find my son, and then she vanished... That was sometime in April of this year."

When asked the reason why Zoe wanted to separate him from their 8-year-old kid, J.P. divulged, "I don't know how much I can disclose of this, but Zoe's psychological and mental state is not normal." He then added, "I lived with her and I know her family background, and I know there was abuse going on with her when she was a small child. She's not totally there."

J.P. alleged that when he was married to Zoe, she cut off her mother and her stepfather "over the choice of her career." He further explained, "She wanted to be an actress, and they wanted her to go to college. That's it! She divorced her entire family and didn't speak to them for 10 years. Extremely radical response."

"When I met her, she had quit the business twice as an actress," he continued. "She was extremely suicidal just before I met her… Her family knows that. As a matter of fact, when her parents came to see our child for the first time, they told us that they had a plan B because they didn't know me [that well at the time], but they knew enough about her that that they had a plan B, which was, 'If we see that Zoe's incapable of taking care of a child, we're taking the child and we're moving back with the child to Seattle,' where they lived."

"She's got this delusional view of life that she maybe thinks she can get away with things and that it's gonna be OK," he went on. "I'm sure she's convinced that what she's doing by escaping life and taking our son with her is good for him. It must be something in her head that says that's the best thing to do. She's extremely paranoid, extremely defensive. I just can't begin to explain it."

J.P. and Zoe were married from 2012 to 2016. When they split, the exes began a custody war that has yet to be resolved. In May this year, an arrest warrant out of L.A. County was issued for the actress on charges of "kidnapping, child custody deprivation and child stealing."

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