The Agent Meredith Brody of 'NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service' has been reported by her former husband for allegedly kidnapping their son amid custody battle.

AceShowbiz - Former "NCIS" star Zoe McLellan is wanted for kidnapping after vanishing with her son amid a custody battle with her ex-husband.

Her former spouse, German actor Jean-Pierre Guy Gillain, claims McLellan disappeared with their son, Sebastian, in April 2019.

An arrest warrant was issued for Zoe from Los Angeles County in May 2021 after Gillian filed charges, including additional claims of "child custody deprivation and child stealing," according to TMZ.

Zoe is best known for playing Agent Meredith Brody on TV series "NCIS" and "NCIS: New Orleans". She has also appeared on the Kiefer Sutherland series "Designated Survivor" and had a starring role in naval series "JAG".

The troubles between the actress and her former partner began in 2017 when Gillian alleged her decision to take their four-year-old son to Toronto, Canada while she was filming in the city was a violation of their custody agreement.

The Sun reports that a judge ruled taking the son to Canada did not constitute child abduction and was "the result of Mother's work in a field in which it was known to both parties she may need to work outside of Los Angeles." The judge also noted that Sebastian seemed more "emotionally secure" with McLellan.

Gillian has also had legal troubles - he spent a short time behind bars after being accused of rape in Louisiana. The charges were eventually dropped and he was released.

His attorney, Lawrence Markey, claims Sebastian is still missing and believed to be with his mother.

Zoe's last acting credit was the 2018 Canadian movie "Is My Daughter Really Dead?".

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