Chika Puts Fatphobic Promotor on Blast Following Black Pride Event

The 'Balencies' raptress also trolls Brandon Anthony by launching a petition that she names, 'F**k Brandon, right?' with a description that reads, 'I just wanna say it's f**k Brandon for life.'

AceShowbiz - Chika is getting real with the discrimination that she often faces in the hip-hop industry. Over the weekend, the "Songs About You" raptress took to her social media account to blast a fatphobic promoter and launch a petition against him.

Attacking Brandon Anthony, a Los Angeles nightclub promoter who allegedly hired her for a Black Pride event, Chika wrote on her Twitter account on Saturday, July 3, "This is why I don't f**k with the industry. Keep disrespecting me, it's gonna get physical. I'm from Alabama, b***h don't play with me. Offered me 2k, no complimentary bottles, I paid $1600 for the tab, they didn't play ONE song of mine, but played like 5 of guest's (kehlani.)"

Making it clear that she had no problem with the "Gangsta" singer, Chika added, "Btw, this has nothing to do with lani. She isn't responsible for d**kriders. It's the n***a running the event. He has now blocked me and limited his comments on both pages. I'd report it for fraud."

Kehlani later chimed in. Defending her friend, the star wrote, "i came as a friend to support Chika, & one of the DJ's. using her image, name and likeness for the face of the event while treating her like this during and after. me and all the homies stand with you Chi that wasn't cool."

Also showing support for Chika was transgender model/actress Amiyah Scott, who also leveled her own accusations against Brandon. "1) I'm so sorry that happened to you 2) It was so nice meeting you 3) clearly I wasn't the only host disrespected last night. This man put his hands on me, tried to have me removed from the club then proceeded to bust into my hotel room & try to fight me. I had to call 911," so she said.

Chika also trolled Brandon by launching a petition that she named, "F**k Brandon, right?" In the description, she simply wrote, "I just wanna say it's f**k Brandon for life. Let's make it happen." The petition has garnered 5300 signatures out of 7500.

Firing back at Chika, Brandon tweeted, "My comments been limited before your comments. So do your research. I don't care about you. Never did. The club was packed before you stepped yo heavy a** in the building. We actually needed the space. So you didn't have to show up. One thing about me…I WILL REMAIN UNBOTHERED. Go in the study and get a number one hit. You lost your wallet and your mind." He added, "One things about me is I never gave a f**k about you being there. It was because no one else cares who you are. So I gave you roses. Sorry you felt a thorn."

Meanwhile, L.A. Black Pride has responded to Chika's rant and apologized to her. "We apologized for all instances of human error that caused us to miss an opportunity to celebrate a talented individual by not playing her music, along with any of the elements of the venue operations that made Chika feels less valued as a black women, is never LABP's intention," so it wrote in a statement on Instagram.

"We want to guarantee the LABP mission will not be overshadowed by individual exchanges, and we will continue to make this a time of celebration, The project will be closed out as contracted on our side. Nothing less. Our hope is that we can all continue to celebrate being black, beautiful and queer, together," it concluded.

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