Anthony Hopkins

  • Anthony Hopkins
    • Famous as : Actor
    • Birth Name : Philip Anthony Hopkins
    • Birth Date : December 31, 1937
    • Birth Place : Margam, South Wales, U.K
    • Spouse : Petronella Barker (actress, Sep-67 - 1972), Jennifer Lynton (13-Jan-73 - 30-Apr-02), Stella Arroyave (antiques dealer-actress, since 1-Mar-03)
    • Claim to Fame : As Dr. Hannibal Lecter in "The Silence of the Lambs" (1991)

Anthony Hopkins Biography

Heralded to be one of the few actors who have the rare quality to turn a mediocre film into a stellar picture, surely it is very unnecessary to question the talent and skills Anthony Hopkins possesses within. With his incredible emotional range plus well-established ability to deliver first-class portrayals for the role he has been cast, whether as a schizophrenic ventriloquist, a destructively repressed butler, or just a mere kind doctor, he really has turned into a prominent figure that is so close to be a living legend in film industry. Born as Philip Anthony Hopkins to baker Richard Arthur Hopkins and Muriel Yeats on December 31, 1937 in Margam, near Port Talbot, South Wales, U.K, Anthony grew up as a sensitive, anti-social boy who preferred to lay his interest outside school subjects, presumably because of the learning disorder known as dyslexia he had been afflicted with during his early life. A lousy student, he really had horrible time at school then, spending this period in three different educational institutions of Port Talbot's Central School, West Monmouth boarding school in Pontypool, and Cowbridge Grammar School where he was finally able to finish his study.

Sank deeper into his favorite activities of drawing, playing piano, also watching movies which introduced him to the wonder of acting, Anthony gradually found himself developing an overwhelming desire to be an actor, moreover after Richard Burton gave his encouragement to follow his footstep when he briefly met the older fellow Welshman at the age of fifteen. Ultimately fixed his mind to pursue the dream, he afterwards took apprenticeship with the local YMCA players, followed by an enrollment at Cardiff's College of Music and Drama, but did not go straight into acting field upon his graduation in 1957 as he decided to serve the country in the Royal Artillery for the next two years. It was not until this charismatic man returned to Wales that he put full concentration to establish his professional career, making some appearances in the local plays after his stage debut in “Have a Cigarette” at the Palace Theatre, Swansea to then acquire a seat at London's Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

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