Alexis Skyy Refuses to Forgive Akbar V Over 'Braindead Baby' Comments

Fans seemingly are not surprised to see the 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' star giving Akbar the cold shoulder despite the apology as one person notes, 'that apology wasn't sincere anyways.'

AceShowbiz - It seems like Akbar V needs to work harder to earn forgiveness from Alexis Skyy. Even though Akbar had issued a public apology over her harsh comments on Alexis' daughter, it was apparently not enough for Alexis to bury the hatchet with Akbar.

On Thursday, June 17, Alexis stepped into the TheShadeRoom to make her reaction to Akbar's apology public. Writing in the comment section of the blog's post about Akbar's letter, the "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star simply wrote, "Apology not accepted. -Sincerely Alaiya Mother."

Fans seemingly were not surprised to see Alexis giving Akbar the cold shoulder despite the apology. "That apology wasn't sincere anyways .. She started off saying ' as a business woman' . What about ' as a MOTHER?' " one user reacted. "she was better off apologizing as a 'mother' those comments were uncalled for," another person echoed the sentiment. "I wouldn't accept it either," someone else said. "alexis ain't wrong for her response either ... you can't come back for that or even forgive that," one person noted. "once you say something bout my kid it's up & it's stuck idgaf!" a user added.

Akbar showed remorse about her remarks regarding Alaiya, Alexis' daughter who was born with Hydrocephalus. "I want to apologize for my action a couple of weeks ago," the "Owe Me Something" raptress penned on her June 15 Instagram post. "Nomatter what i shouldn't have stepped out of character i said things i shouldn't have said so as a business woman as a woman period I'm apologizing for anyone that i offended I'm better than that and I'm going to get the help i need and deserve."

Akbar also promised to go to therapy and heal herself, concluding her note, "Lay lay i apologize and to any other special needs kid that i offended i really apologize for that nomatter who said something first to me i should have handled that situation."

Akbar's apology arrived after she faced backlash for her disparaging comments on the kid amid her feud with Alexis. In attempt to fire back at Alexis for telling her to take care of her children, Akbar yelled in an Instagram video, "B***h, you got a braindead baby. Your baby ain't got brain. B***h, you got a r******d child." She also accused Alexis of doing drugs when she was pregnant with Alaiya.

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