The same YouTube star, James Welsh, ranks his encounters with Beyonce, Taylor Swift and all One Direction members as 'iconic' based on his experience when he worked as personal shopper at Topman.

AceShowbiz - After years of facing and debunking allegations of behaving like a "diva," Ariana Grande seemingly still can't get away from the image. Another person has come forward with his impression of the singer/actress, supporting the accusations of the star's alleged snobbish behavior.

In one of his latest YouTube videos, beauty blogger James Welsh ranked his encounters with some celebrities he met by "ICONIC," "S'nice," "Meh" and "The Worst" based on his experience when he worked as a personal shopper at Topman in London. According to him, the former Nickelodeon star fell on the "Meh" category.

Sharing his story while doing his daily skincare routine, James recalled the time Ariana came to the Topman store he worked at with her then-boyfriend Nathan Sykes of The Wanted. According to the YouTube star, the "Bang Bang" songstress wasn't as well-known as Nathan was in the U.K. at the time, but she acted live a "diva" and asked everyone not to look at her, while James said nobody looked at her as she claimed.

James, however, spared Ariana from landing on "The Worst" list as he believes that her behavior may have changed for the better over time, noting when one tasted fame at a young age, the person could get carried away with it.

While talking about his encounter with Ariana, James briefly mentioned Justin Bieber, whom he dubbed "rude," based on how the "Sorry, Not Sorry" crooner talked to his team at the time. The same as Ariana's case, the British social media personality thought that the Canadian star's behavior at the time was the result of him being surrounded by "yes" men.

Also landing on James' "Meh" category were "Desperate Housewives" alum Jesse Metcalfe and singer Sam Smith. Jessie J was dubbed "The Worst", though he refused to detail the reasons why he called her that way.

Meanwhile, Ellie Goulding was called "so nice," though James said he was taken aback by her habit of singing in the middle of talking. In the video, James also raved about Beyonce Knowles, Taylor Swift, Naomi Campbell and all One Direction members, Harry Styles in particular, who landed in the "ICONIC" category for being so polite.

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