Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik Drive Around Manhatttan After His NY Bar Fight
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The outing arrives after the singer made headlines for being involved in a heated altercation outside a New York bar on Friday where he was called a gay slur by one of the guests.

AceShowbiz - Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik were spotted having a reunion after the singer was reported to have a rough night at a night club earlier this month. The couple, who shares daughter Khai, was snapped driving around Manhattan on Sunday, June 6.

During the Sunday outing, the model drove a black SUV while the "Pillowtalk" hitmaker was chilling on the passenger seat. Since the pictures which circulated online were taken when they were inside the car, it remained to be seen if their baby girl, who was born in last September, tagged along with them.

The outing arrives after Zayn made headlines for being involved in a heated altercation outside a New York bar on Friday. According to a report, the former One Direction member was taking a cigarette break outside Manhattan's Amsterdam Billiards Club when he clashed with a group of guys exiting the lounge next door.

It was said that one of the men provoked the singer and hurled a gay slur. That prompted the British star to fire back with his own verbal insults. Things appeared to escalate when Zayn was caught on camera going shirtless, seemingly ready for a brawl. Thankfully, the fight didn't get physical and police weren't called to the bar.

That aside, Zayn has been enjoying his time as a first-time father. "Honestly, it's amazing. A lot of people that I was speaking to, obviously, before she was born and stuff were like, 'It's a big adjustment, and it's going to be a massive change and stuff.' But honestly, she's an amazing baby. It's been really easy for me and Gig to kind of just ease into it," he said.

"She kind of made it easy for us, she sleeps really well, she loves her milk. It's just feeding and changing diapers at the moment. It's wicked. I'm enjoying it, for sure," he went on to say. Zayn also gushed over Gigi, saying, "She's good. She's a wicked mom. Obviously, she's really a big help with everything, and she's doing well."

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