Ari Lennox Blasts Haters Criticizing Her New Hair: 'I'm Still Natural'

Ari, whose real name is Courtney Shanade Salter, explains on Instagram, 'I've always loved lacefronts,’ adding, ‘I love that I'm no longer afraid to try new styles.’

AceShowbiz - Ari Lennox apparently has had enough with people's harsh comments about her new hair. The "Shea Butter Baby" singer, who recently got rid of her lace fronts, took to her Instagram account to shut down haters who had so much to say about her look.

"Reminding people of the sick things people use to say about me is counterproductive," the singer wrote on her Instagram Story on Friday, May 21. "It's not kind, even though you may think you mean well."

Ari, whose real name is Courtney Shanade Salter, then explained, "I've always loved lacefronts. I love that I'm no longer afraid to try new styles. I love these protective styles which will promote stronger healthier hair. I'm still natural Courtney. Just a natural Courtney embracing new things and growing."

In a separate post, the R&B star urged people to be "mature" and "learn to shut up, observe and learn." She added, "You start poppin out more and genuinely feel happy and good about you and people want to diminish the love and think piece you to death. Im not some science project."

Singer-songwriter Elijah Connor sent encouraging message to Ari in an Instagram comment. "Yerrrrrr she looks tf good. Ari Lennox for thee WIN!" A fan also echoed the praise, writing, "She has ALWAYS been top tier . Wig or no wig."

"She finds herself more attractive. She has been rolling out the photos. Its her confidence," another user said, referring to Ari's recent Instagram pictures rocking her new locks. "I agree with Courtney bc folks paid her no mind until she loss weight and started wearing the wigs! Real fans always knew she was popping before this!!" someone else added.

Another comment read, "The girl was defending her. Be pissed w/ the ppl judging you for no reason and not the girl." Someone also wrote, "Since we're normalizing everything else, let's normalize black women wearing weave while still loving their natural hair. We can do it all, we are the BLUEPRINT. Idk why people think wearing weave means we hate our natural hair lmao."

"Y'all buggin if you think it's her hair that makes her look different. She looked amazing before(her thighs were my favorite). But now with the weight loss, she just glows different," added someone else. "we need to uplift and protect Courtney by any means necessary. she's an angel," raved a fan.

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