Mulatto Denies Plastic Surgery Rumors After Revealing Her ER Visit

The rapper, who has just reintroduced herself as Latto in 'The Biggest', claims that she was unable to promote her new single because she recently had a health scare that landed her in the hospital.

AceShowbiz - Mulatto has clarified after her revelation about her recent health scare sparked speculation that she went under the knife to enhance her looks. Taking to her Twitter account, she responded to a user's claim that she covered up her alleged plastic surgery.

The rapper, who has just changed her name into Latto, first opened up about her ER visit when explaining why she wasn't able to promote her new song "The Biggest". "Y'all don't even know I been in the ER & wasn't able to promote 'The Biggest' myself but I'm feeling better & seeing all the support feels amazing [red heart emoji][slot machine emoji]," she tweeted on Friday, May 21. She added, "Thanks for hearing me out and accepting my apology!"

The troll, however, didn't buy her explanation and accused her of hiding the fact that she recently underwent a cosmetic procedure. "This always the cover up," the said person claimed, "it's never 'I was on the table getting more surgery ' lol but go off ER."

Latto, however, has quickly set things straight that she did have a "serious health issue" that landed her in the hospital. "I actually was in the ER for a serious health scare," she wrote back to the hater, stressing that she wouldn't hide it if she had one as adding, "I'm open about my surgeries this had nothing to do w that."

Latto hasn't divulged her latest health issue that hindered her from promoting her new single.

That aside, she released her new song "The Biggest" under her new moniker, Latto, on Friday, May 21. Produced by Supah Mario and Akachi, it addresses her name change as she raps on it, "It contradicted what I stand for/ The backlash ain't what I planned for." She rhymes in another part, "Misunderstood so I made it official."

She was referring to the debate over the name Mulatto, which is actually a racial term for people of mixed white and black ancestry. People accused her of colorism which she vehemently denied as saying in January, "For me, it was the name. So now I'm like, 'OK, my intentions was to never glorify being mulatto.' "

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