Matt Damon Rooting for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez to Be Back Together

The Jason Bourne depicter hopes the rumors suggesting his close pal is giving his romance with J.Lo another chance are true because he loves both of them.

AceShowbiz - Matt Damon is keeping his fingers crossed rumours his pals Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are back together are true.

The "Jason Bourne" star is currently working in Australia and claims he only knows what's been reported in the press about the possible romantic reunion, which has been fuelled by new photos of the exes riding in a car together during a recent break in Montana.

However, Damon admits he is rooting for the exes to become a couple again.

"I love them both. I hope it's true. That would be awesome," he smiled on U.S. breakfast show "Today".

Damon went on to reveal that, while he's been in constant contact with his best friend and frequent collaborator Affleck, they have been keeping their conversations strictly professional.

"Ben and I wrote a movie together... that's gonna come out later this year, so I talk to him every day, but we don't talk about personal stuff, we just talk about the movie...," he said.

And Damon was full of praise for J.Lo's youthful looks, insisting nothing's changed in terms of the 51 year old's appearance in the 17 years since she and Affleck ended their engagement and split.

"She looks like she did 20 years ago! I mean, she looks incredible," Damon gushed, before poking fun at Affleck.

"He, I can tell you, he's definitely changed! He's aged! He looks like a 48 year old man!" he chuckled. "She does not (look like she's aged). I don't know what secret she has, but she looks amazing."

The news of Lopez and Affleck's Montana getaway emerges less than a month after the stunner called it quits with her fiance, retired baseball ace Alex Rodriguez.

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