Sharon Stone Recalls Moment She Lost Custody of Son Roan: Nothing Else Matters

After losing her primary custody of her son to ex-husband Phil Bronstein, the 'Basic Instinct' star reveals that she 'couldn't function' and would spend her days by laying on the couch and crying.

AceShowbiz - Sharon Stone has recalled moment when she lost her custody battle with ex-husband Phil Bronstein following their divorce. In a candid new interview, the "Basic Instinct" actress made a revelation about how she handled the situation, stressing that "nothing else mattered" to her at the time except for getting her baby back.

During an interview with Saga magazine that will soon be released, the 63-year-old admitted that after losing Roan's custody, all she could think about was getting him back. "I couldn't focus on anything but having my son back in my arms. Nothing else mattered, just getting him back," she confessed.

Offering more details, Sharon admitted that she "couldn't function" and would likely spend her days crying at that time. The Academy Award-nominated actress spilled to the outlet, "After I lost primary custody of Roan, I couldn't function. I just lay on the couch. I was so damn tired. I would cry."

Sharon lost custody of Roan in 2004. According to the court documents, "The Beauty of Living Twice" author demanded to put Botox in her son's feet to prevent them from smelling. The judge, however, found that Sharon's "overreactions" to medical issues were a traumatic "problem" for the child, Hello Magazine reported.

"Unfortunately, the problem caused by Mother's overreactions is painfully real for this child...Moreover, because it has come to a point where Father basically tunes Mother out because she has overreacted to so many alleged medical problems in the past," the judge stated as unveiled by the court papers.

Aside from being candid about her child custody defeat, Sharon has previously been opened about having a secret abortion when she was 18. In her "Living Twice" memoir, the mother of three admitted that her first serious boyfriend got her pregnant when she was just a college student in Pennsylvania. She then revealed that she and her then-boyfriend drove to a clinic in Ohio because it was easier to get the procedure there.

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