Ne-Yo Admits Pregnant Wife Won't Let Him Have Vasectomy
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Expecting his third child with Crystal Smith, the 'Miss Independent' singer reasons that his wife is keeping the option of adding more children to their family open.

AceShowbiz - Ne-Yo's wife has banned the R&B star from having a vasectomy in the event the couple decides to add to its family in the future.

The "Miss Independent" singer is expecting his third child with Crystal Smith, a sibling for Roman, two, and Shaffer, four, while Ne-Yo also has two older kids from his previous relationship.

He had been planning to get the snip once the new baby is born, but his wife shut down the idea just as a precaution. Speaking to TooFab, Ne-Yo said, "She decided that she doesn't want any more children, and I'm following her lead on that..."

"[I'm] not getting the surgery. Now mind you..., my plan was to get the surgery, but she was like, 'No, no, no, don't get the surgery because if we ever decide we do want anymore kids then we can't do it,' " he further explained. "I'm like, 'You just said you didn't want more kids?' And she was like, 'I don't want no more kids right now, but what if I want some [in the future]...?' I'm like, 'Oh'."

Deciding to put his family's future in God's hand, he added, "So this last one is the plan, and then if God decides he wants us to have some more, I guess we'll have some more [sic]."

Ne-Yo shared the news of Crystal's pregnancy in February, just months after admitting their marriage had been saved by the coronavirus pandemic, as it gave the couple time to reconsider its divorce plans and fall back in love.

The parents-to-be wed in 2016.

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