Bono's Daughter Eve Hewson Calls Prank Calling Justin Timberlake One of Her Best Life Moments

During a revealing TV interview, the 'Behind Her Eyes' actress confesses how she used to be a 'little troublemaker,' and was at one point stole her U2 rock star dad's address book.

AceShowbiz - Being Bono's daughter seems to have provided Eve Hewson with interesting childhood memories. During a virtual appearance on ITV's "This Morning", the "Behind Her Eyes" actress spilled that one of the best moments in her life included her pulling a prank call on Justin Timberlake with her sister.

In the interview airing Thursday, March 11, the 29-year-old recalled how she managed to get the "SexyBack" hitmaker's number in the first place. "I like to take advantage of my circumstances sometimes, and when I was younger I stole my dad's address book, I tried to prank call a few people," she confessed.

The "Bridge of Spies" actress went on to reveal what she and her sister did when the husband of Jessica Biel responded to their call. "Justin picked up, so we asked him trivial questions from the back of a cereal box," she recounted. "It was one of the best moments of my life." On how the "Suit & Tie" hitmaker did on the trivia questions, she noted, "He did well and I think that's why he didn't hang up."

"He just kept answering. I don't know what his need to win is," the daughter of the U2 frontman with wife Ali Hewson remembered. She then mentioning that the pop star is "a very competitive person," before bragging with a laugh, "He was charmed by us."

Looking back at her childhood, Hewson described it as the "best of both worlds." On the subject, she explained, "Every now and then we get to go away on tour with my dad and have this wild rock and roll experience and then come home and take the train to school again. It was a strange balance, but I enjoyed both."

During the interview, Hewson also shared how COVID-19 pandemic gave her chance to spend quality time with her family. "It was nice because I have two younger brothers who were little teenagers when I left to move to New York for college, so it was good to reconnect with the whole family," she noted. "All six of us were together every day - breakfast, lunch, and dinner."

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