Eve Hewson Struggled to Connect With Her Peers When She's Child

The daughter of Eve Hewson and U2's Bono talks about her childhood and how her love for 'E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial' made her feel connected to one character in particular.

AceShowbiz - When she was a kid, Eve Hewson felt like an outcast. A huge fan of "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" during her younger years, the 31-year-old star - who is the daughter of activist Ali Hewson and U2 lead singer Bono - can still remember being linked to one character in particular.

"I was so in love with that movie that I connected to the idea of him sort of feeling like an outsider. But everybody talks about Elliott, like on my birthday they'll chant 'Elliott.' Everyone knew Elliott," she shared.

Eve grew up in the spotlight and she accepts that her life has never been "normal." She told The Independent, "My life definitely wasn't normal. It was normal half the time, and ... no, none of it was normal."

Meanwhile, Eve previously admitted to suffering "awful, violent nightmares" since her childhood. The actress shared, "Since I was a kid I've had awful, violent nightmares."

"My mom said she would hear me scream from my bunk bed. And I would jump out and run down the hall with my hair sticking out like a mad woman and jump on her bed … I was shaking, I had all these nightmares about witches and gremlins and I never really grew out of that."

Eve's mom actually suggested that the nightmares were being triggered by a TV show. In fact, she even offered money to Eve to encourage her to stop watching the programme.

The "Behind Her Eyes" star explained, "I remember my mom said she would give me extra pocket money if I stopped watching 'Home and Away' because she thought my nightmares were coming from the storylines in that soap."

"But yeah, I've had them my whole life and they've got a bit better as I've gotten older but I'm the kind of person, I'll be talking in my sleep. Shouting and crying. I'll wake up in a cold sweat."

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