Ashley Judd Shares the Agony of Her Debilitating Injury After Horrific Accident

The 'A Dog's Way Home' actress admits to 'drowning in trauma' as she relies on her closed friends and family members to do simple tasks while she is recovering from the accident.

AceShowbiz - Ashley Judd has offered her fans more updates about her condition in the wake of her horrific accident. Around a month after she shattered her leg in the Democratic Republic of Congo's rainforest, the "A Dog's Way Home" actress opened up about the agony of her debilitating injury via social media.

On Saturday, March 6, the 52-year-old posted several pictures on Instagram, including a snap that saw her sister Wynonna Judd washing her hair. She began her lengthy message, "I do not understand why what has happened has happened. I do understand I have been loved and helped enormously. I understand nights are a savage agony."

Ashley went on to thank medical workers who have treated her, "I want to thank Dr Phil Kregor & @hughstonclinic & @todd_rubin_md for seven hours of intensive, brilliant, inspired surgical work on my bones and nerve. It took stamina, focus, and humility to consult with some experts around the country, whom I also deeply thank (especially SMc)." She then added, "Everyone at Skyline Hospital, thank you for the shelter."

"Now, I am in the bosom of a stream of friends and family, too numerous to mention, who have caught me in their soft arms from this precipitous fall. They do for me what I cannot do for myself - prepare meals, shampoo my hair, and they also offer the deep spiritual direction and consolation of trying to begin to craft an arc of meaning and purpose," she went on detailing. "They also offer and meet my need for quiet. I am lost and they are my shepherd's staff. To all who have gone before me and walk beside me with physical therapy, I had no idea. Thank you."

The "Divergent" star further noted that "the combination of drowning in trauma and addressing the physical body is a lot" for her. After assuring that she will try her best to fully recover, she concluded her message by stating, "Thank you, all here and everywhere, for the goodwill, and may we ever be mindful of the needs of others."

In mid-February, Ashley divulged that she was hospitalized in South Africa after she suffered "catastrophic injuries" during her conservation trip in Congo rainforest. She detailed that it took 55 hours for the locals to finally rescue her. She is now back in the United States and continues her journey to recovery.

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