Nicki Minaj Fans Accused of Sending Claudia Jordan Death Threats for Alleged Diss
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The Barbz take it as a shade when the former 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' star describes Nicki as 'the biggest rapper of all time, at the time,' when recounting her encounter with the raptress and Meek Mill.

AceShowbiz - Nicki Minaj fans have been accused of reacting viciously in defense of their favorite star. Claudia Jordan claimed to have received death threats from the Barbz after recently talking about her past encounter with the raptress and her then-boyfriend Meek Mill.

During a recent episode of her show "Out Loud with Claudia Jordan" via Fox Soul, the model/actress described the "Anaconda" hitmaker as "the biggest rapper of all time, at the time." Some fans apparently took Claudia's last-second "at the time" qualifier as shade and have been sending her threats, according to the reality TV personality.

In her Instagram Story video, Claudia expressed her confusion as to why Nicki fans are mad at her when she meant to compliment the Trinidadian-born star. "So you give a compliment... they mad cause you didn't phrase it the way THEY would in YOUR convo?" she wrote underneath her Story post. "Get ALL the way the F**K outta here kids."

Previously, Claudia admitted she felt embarrassed for Nicki while she was dating Meek after witnessing the Philly native explode on restaurant patrons for taking photos of them. "I seen him one time out in a restaurant with Nicki Minaj. This was back in the day, right after I did 'Housewives'," she began recounting their encounter which took place years ago at a Jamaican restaurant in New York.

"She was super friendly to me... Meek got upset about someone trying to take a picture of them in the restaurant," she went on sharing. "But I'm like, it's Nicki Minaj, the biggest rapper of all time at the time, and Meek Mill. They're a hot celebrity rap couple and of course [people] are gonna try to take a picture."

She continued blasting Nicki's ex, "And he like, made a scene. I remember feeling kinda bad for Nicki. Poor Nicki. She was trying to control her guy, like, 'Just chill, just chill.' And he was like, 'I seen you...!' And we were one table over. It was super uncomfortable. I think, maybe, he has emotional reactions to things. I think he's kind of impulsive. I think he says things and thinks about it later. I don't know."

Claudia isn't the only celebrity who has experienced how vicious Nicki's fanbase could be. Sada Baby recently likened the Barbz to a "cult" after he was canceled over his old homophobic and colorist tweets, which resurfaced online in October 2020. It was believed that the Barbz digged his past after he refused to promote "Whole Lotta Choppas" remix that featured the 38-year-old star.

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