Robin Thicke Insists He Had 'No Negative Intentions' When Making 'Rapey' Song 'Blurred Lines'

While insisting his 2013 hit single was made with 'no negative intentions,' the 'Sex Therapy' singer understands the controversy surrounding the lyrics and racy music video.

AceShowbiz - Robin Thicke would never make a video like "Blurred Lines" again.

The singer and his collaborator Pharrell Williams enjoyed huge success with the 2013 single but it also attracted controversy, with its lyrics branded "rapey" and its accompanying video - which featured Emily Ratajkowski dancing topless - branded degrading to women.

And while Robin insisted there were "no negative intentions" around the track, he understands the backlash.

"We had no negative intentions when we made the record, when we made the video," he told the New York Post newspaper. "But then it did open up a conversation that needed to be had. And it doesn't matter what your intentions were when you wrote the song … the people were being negatively affected by it."

"And I think now, obviously, culture, society has moved into a completely different place. You won't see me making any videos like that ever again!”

The "Lost Without U" singer admitted he lost "perspective" on what was "appropriate" at that point in his career.

"I had lost perspective on my personal life and my music and what was appropriate… and why I was doing it," he added. "I'd lost the intention, you know what I mean? I needed to regain my perspective and my positive intention of what my music was for - and what my life was for."

Robin has now released a new album "On Earth, and in Heaven", and hopes the record will offer fans some positivity.

"I wanted to put out something that was very healing and loving and helped people get through their hard times and see the light at the end of the tunnel," he smiled.

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