Azealia Banks Claims She's a Victim of Racism and Misogyny

Upon reading her Instagram Story, some Internet users are quick to shut down her argument as one says, 'No it's her mouth period she attacks then hide her hand.'

AceShowbiz - Being outspoken, Azealia Banks is no stranger to backlash over her controversial opinions. In a new Instagram post, the "Anna Wintour" raptress appears to blame colorism for the criticism she's been facing.

Addressing her beef with blogger Perez Hilton, the musician wrote on Thursday, February 11, "I will never forgive you h**s for trading me out for Perez." She added, "Ever." Azealia continued, "After everything I have done for you ungrateful b****es. Y'all repaid me with racism, sabotage, misogyny, harassment and bulls**t sensationalism."

Upon reading her update, some Internet users were quick to shut down her argument. "No it's her mouth period she attacks then hide her hand and plays victim when nobody likes her," one fan wrote in an Instagram comment. "She gets backlash because she stays coming for people unprovoked & takes no accountability for her behavior/words. She's no victim."

"well it can't be because of race, considering the fact that she's always beating down (BLACK WOMEN) with her mouth OUT LOUD on the REGULAR," another user added. One comment, meanwhile, read, "Not necessarily. She is a bright young woman and highly misunderstood and over looked because if her bluntness. The messages be too much, too real and the majority of individuals only view the negative traits of the messenger."

That aside, Azealia is reportedly dating artist Ryder Ripps. Earlier this week, the 29-year-old star posted on her Instagram Story several pictures of her snuggling up to the 34-year-old programmer and creative director. "power couple," so she wrote over the snap.

Ryder also teased an upcoming collaboration with the rapper. In a clip that he shared, Azealia lies down on the floor while caressing her body, as wind blows her hair. It remains to be seen if the pair are really dating or if their get-together was simply for business.

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