Asian Doll Apologizes After Calling Indian Food 'Nasty'

The 'Nunnadet S**t' raptress is deemed disrespectful after she writes on her Twitter page about not finding Indian food appetizing before defending it, asking to her followers, 'But did I lie?'

AceShowbiz - Asian Doll (Asian Da Brat) has issued an apology over her offensive post on Twitter. The "Poppin' " raptress previously enraged people after she made an unpleasant comment on the blue bird app about Indian food.

"Love all people," the ex-girlfriend of late rapper King Von began on Instagram Story on Wednesday, February 10. "I just be speaking my mind like aways," she added, "Sorry if anybody was offended."

Following the apology, fans had mixed opinions as some of them didn't think she should have apologized over the matter. "y'all so sensitive when it comes to celebs , I know y'all said food look nasty before too bye," one said. Similarly, another user commented, "She don't have to apologize. If it looks nasty to her than that's her opinion."

However, some others noted that with her huge platform, Asian should have known better not to tweet recklessly. "She's a grown woman who's been in the public eye for five years now. That remark was vile and unacceptable. Grow up and start thinking before you speak. You're not a SoundCloud rapper anymore. Be responsible with your platform or gtf off of it," one person opined.

Asian was deemed disrespectful after she tweeted about not finding Indian food appetizing. "I'm at this Indian restaurant what should I order everything look nasty," so she shared with her followers earlier on the day. The post was immediately met with criticism with someone telling her, "Asian Doll you need to Dollete this. AMIRITE?!"

Also taking issue with the tweet, someone said, "+ she got the audacity to name herself 'Asian' but slandering Asian food. Make it make sense since you so smart babygirl." Another comment, meanwhile, read, "Her attitude is ridiculous, and the people oversimplifying the situation is disgusting trying to make it seem like they're doing too much for feeling like it was offensive. That's disrespectful, and then to be calling yourself Asian doll like they said and then disrespecting Asian food. That's mad rude."

In response to the backlash, Asian appeared to defend herself. "But did I lie?" the "Pull Up" spitter asked. Later in a follow-up tweet, Asian noted, "Damn I can't ask wtf to eat a restaurant without childish a**holes cracking jokes."

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