Reginae Carter Rants About Being 'Tired' of Haters, Fat-Shames Them

In an new Instagram Live session, the 22-year-old daughter of rapper Lil Wayne tells her followers that no one can stop her 'from loving who the f**k I love.'

AceShowbiz - Reginae Carter has a message for haters who endlessly criticize her for almost everything. During her Instagram Live, the daughter of Lil Wayne paused her working out session to tear her haters apart.

While some users were sending praises and support in the comment section, some others were writing nasty comments. Catching wind of them, Reginae fired back at the haters, "Yeah, they jump on here and hate but guess what? While they hatin', I'm getting me a good a** workout and they fat. F**k them."

The 22-year-old continued, "I'm so tired of the damn haters, they gon hate, they gon hate. They hate what they can't relate to, they do all of that s**t. But guess what? I still get paid at the end of the day. I still look good. I still get what I want. F**k you mean?"

"You can hate all you want, the f**k. I'm so tired of these people. I'm so tired of y'all," Reginae went on ranting. "Y'all always thinking that people give a f**k about what y'all talking about. We don't."

Addressing the criticism that she's been receiving over her relationship with YFN Lucci, Reginae said, "You won't stop me from loving who the f**k I love, you won't stop me from doing what the f**k I wanna do, you won't. You just won't! B***h."

This is not the first time for Reginae to defend her romance with the rapper, who is currently in jail as he faces a murder charge in connection to a fatal shooting in December 2020. "Live your life and stop worrying about what a mf on this app that never met you have to say," so Reginae wrote to her followers on the blue bird app last October.

She continued, "I'm so sick of everybody feeling like their two cents matter! It don't tf . Get outta the comments and get a life !! And a job.. Geesh !"

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