Katherine Heigl Blames Public Shaming and Bullying for Leaving Her Confused About Her Own Worth
Stella Magazine

Having opened up about her mental health battle triggered by 'difficult' and 'unprofessional' labels, the former 'Grey's Anatomy' star credits moving out of Los Angeles for being 'very healing'.

AceShowbiz - Katherine Heigl has credited moving out of Los Angeles for being "very healing".

The "27 Dresses" star recently opened up on her mental health battle after she was previously branded as "difficult" and "unprofessional", and has now expanded further on how the comments impacted her everyday life, as she said she was left feeling "confused about (her) own worth".

"It was this giant snowball effect," she told The Telegraph's Stella magazine. "The more conscious of it I was, the more afraid I was, and the more I would say something stupid."

"It was this vicious cycle. It was a public shaming. Even a little public bullying. And I took it really, really personally. It had me confused about my own worth because I put all my value in other people's opinions and suddenly those opinions changed."

Eventually, Katherine moved to Utah with her husband Josh Kelley and their children – Naleigh, 12, Adelaide, eight, and Joshua, four – and has found the experience of being away from the public eye "healing".

"Getting out of the way for a while was very healing," she added. "It was a good time to just figure myself out. I'm not sure why I've spent such a long time not knowing who I am... I'm no guru, I still f**k it up regularly, but at least I'm trying now, whereas before, I didn't even know how to."

The news comes after the 42-year-old actress recently said she "would rather be dead" than be criticised so immensely.

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