Sage The Gemini Defends Himself After Deleting Supa Cent's Pics on His Instagram Page

Even after the 'Red Nose' rapper explains why he deletes their pictures on his page, someone accuses him of cheating, writing, 'He's letting us know there's another girl.'

AceShowbiz - Is there trouble in paradise? Fans noticed on Sunday, January 17 that Sage The Gemini removed any trace of his girlfriend Supa Cent from his Instagram account. He was quickly under fire as the eyebrow-raising move didn't sit well with most Internet users.

"Something about him is rubbing me the wrong way with this relationship. I kinda feel like he's not genuine or something," one fan opined on their relationship. "Aw hell nah she betta keep ha eyes on him," another fan warned Supa, while someone else believed that this was a red flag for her.

In attempt to clarify his action, Sage, whose real name is Dominic Wynn Woods, wrote on his Instagram Story, "Only deleted our pics because I don't want to be measured by the internet." He went on to insist, "this is real life and I don't want it to be mixed up!"

He also hinted that he and the entrepreneur, who is born Raynell Steward, are still pretty much together in another post that read, "-Raynell And Dominic."

Some Internet users, however, didn't buy his words. "too late we already judging and have an opinion," one wrote. "That doesn't even make sense but okay," another user added. "More like he tryna look single," said one other. Someone else accused him of cheating, writing, "He's letting us know there's another girl."

For the record, not all comments were negative. Some others thought that Sage made the best decision as one wrote, "It's better to keep things private anyways! Too many evil eyes." Echoing the sentiment, another fan added, "True evil eye is real."

Prior to this, Supa fired back at haters who criticized her for her relationship with the rapper. "Listen, even if Supa wanted to get passed around like hotcakes, baby, your mouth ain't gotta go on my cat. So I'm trying to see what's the problem niece. I'm just saying," the social media influencer, who split from her former fiance Louis in July 2020 over rumors that he cheated on her, said. "I might be your step momma. That's all you gotta worry about. Are you coming inside or you bringing a pie to my house?"

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