Supa Cent Defends Sage the Gemini Romance After Confirming Relationship

The entrepreneur tells people who are hating her because of her new romance with the 'Gas Pedal' rapper to 'move on,' as he intends to stay together with her.

AceShowbiz - While Supa Cent and Sage the Gemini are now likely still madly in love with each other, not everyone is happy for the new couple. Soon after the lovebirds confirmed their relationship, they have apparently received hate comments, to which Supa has responded online.

Coming clean about her previous romantic relationships before the current one with Suge, Supa wrote on her Instagram Stories, "I was with 1 man for 3 1/2 years. Another for 3 months (That was my bad because n***as can only front for so long.) and Sage was before BOTH OF EM." Declaring that she has moved past those relationships, she told her critics to do the same. "Idk if y'all upset because I moved on or because who I post. Y'all be more stuck on them n***as than me. Move on please," she added.

Supa and Sage raised eyebrows after the San Francisco-born star was featured on the entrepreneur's Instagram Live. At first, it appeared that the 28-year-old artist was trying to shoot his shot with Supa while he was in California.

Supa seemed to be ready to cancel what she had planned for the evening when Sage asked her out, but then it was revealed that the two had been already together all along. Sage physically showed up in the background, shocking her followers.

Sage then confirmed that they're indeed an item, telling The Shade Room, "[Yes], me and Nell are together, and I intend to keep it that way." He then boldly declared his possession of her, saying, "I claim my girl."

Apparently serious about his relationship with Supa, he then said that he's trying to be the best man he can be for her. "Support me in being the man that I am supposed to be for her," he implored, "and wish me luck on love progress and consistency..."

Sage was previously linked to Blac Chyna and Jordin Sparks and his relationship with the latter one didn't end well. The former couple broke up after the "American Idol" alum learned that he cheated on her. There was additionally leaked audio of him admitting that he never had true feelings for her.

Interestingly, Supa once shared a cryptic post in 2011 that read, "I never pre judge a man. If I'm interested in you. I allow myself to get to know you for myself. No matter how many rumors are spreaded. I make my own final judgment. That's one of my best qualities."

She continued to display their affection towards each other in her Instagram post on Thursday, October 17. Uploading a photo of her new man putting his hands around her neck while she sat in front of him, she wrote in the caption, "It’s you for me..."

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