The 'Chronicles of Narnia' actress, the Neptunes member, and the 'Pride and Prejudice' star are among the creative voices taking part in intimate conversations for Chanel's podcast series.

AceShowbiz - Tilda Swinton, Keira Knightley, and Edward Enninful are among the contributors on Chanel's new podcast series, "Chanel Connects".

The luxury brand, which previously ventured into the podcast world in 2017 with their 3.55 series, will take on issues ranging from dance and spirituality to gaming, and the events of the past year.

Other stars to participate in the series including Pharrell Williams, director Lulu Wang, and artist and filmmaker Arther Jafa.

In Keira's episode, titled "The New Heroines", she discusses the importance of empathy in today's culture, explaining, "We need diverse voices. I think culture is there for escapism, obviously, but mostly it's there so that you walk in other people's shoes and you see the world through different people's eyes."

Meanwhile, Pharrell takes on the episode "Imagining New Worlds" and talks about how the world has become dependent on technology.

"We're just too massively distracted by, you know, our assistants. Everyone has a personal assistant: It's called your phone and it has never told you no," he mused. "It tells you yes for everything. Our phones have made us incredibly dependent on the word yes. And because of that, we've become opportunistic."

Director Lulu Wang discussed storytelling in "The New Heroines". She said, "I do believe that art is essential and I think that stories are essential. And so how do I contribute my voice to that landscape in a way that is essential, you know? And so I'm just much more thoughtful, even more than I was before of my role in an industry where 99% of the people don't look like me and don't bring the perspective I bring…. Now I'm much more thoughtful about, how do I not just have a seat at their table? How do I build tables? You know, how do I bring other people? And it's also all about community."

The eight episodes of "Chanel Connects" are available to listen to now, on all major podcast platforms.

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