'Mosul' Stars Fear for Their Lives as They Receive Death Threats From ISIS Terrorists

The cast and crew members of the Netflix Iraqi movie fear for their lives as they are being targeted by the real-life ISIS terrorists over the depiction of the violent organization.

AceShowbiz - The cast and crew of Iraqi thriller "Mosul" have received death threats from terrorists over the depiction of a real-life S.W.A.T. team ISIS witch hunt.

The movie debuted on Netflix around the world in November (20), and now leaders and followers of the terror organisation have made it clear they are not at all happy with what they saw.

According to Deadline sources, several of the stars of the film have received threats of violence and more via their social media pages.

"When I posted on my social media that the film was going to come out, the first day there was a lot from ISIS," Suhail Dabbach, who plays the leader of the S.W.A.T team, tells the outlet. "They put on a lot of videos and bad words."

"They have said, 'Now we know you, and you have to watch yourself. Every day, touch your head to make sure it is still on'. They said, 'We know where you live and we will reach you.' "

Members of Dabbach's family have also received threats, and his co-star, Adam Besa, claims his Instagram page was wiped clean and he has been threatened on messaging service WhatsApp.

The film's producers and Netflix chiefs are taking the threats seriously and have recruited security teams to keep everyone safe.

"It was certainly an unnerving experience for the actors," producer Joe Russo told Deadline. "It's never a comfortable feeling to have your privacy violated, and it's terrifying to receive death threats from anonymous sources. We feel it has been handled expertly by Netflix and by our own security team."

Matthew Michael Carnahan, who wrote and directed the film, admits he feared the cast and crew would be targeted if the movie became a success and reveals he had to keep the plot and title of the project under wraps while he was shooting in Morocco.

"It has been this way since we started shooting under a goofy cover name," Carnahan told the outlet. "It was always called Picnic, because the security guys said, 'You're in Morocco, the third largest national contingent of ISIS are Moroccans,' we have to take every step possible to make sure we're safe."

"There was only one time where things got dicey on set and that wasn't even ISIS-related; it was more like gang warfare. We were in a really s**tty part of Marrakesh, so from that point forward, we've always been cognizant of threats. Now that the movie is out and it is as successful as it was... it was the eighth most popular film on Netflix in the month of December.... the idea these people are now threatening us, I guess it comes with the territory."

"That Suhail's family in the Middle East would be threatened, that they would hack into his wife's phone, or that Adam's Instagram page would disappear and he would get these WhatsApp threats, none of us knew it would get to that level... It would be great if the world realised these guys... Suhail was working in a retirement community when I cast him (and now) he is now on the radar of some very bad people."

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