Geri Halliwell Treats NHS Workers Battling COVID-19 to Special Christmas Gifts

For an episode of her YouTube series 'Rainbow Woman', the Spice Girls member visits Whittington Hospital to personally deliver the presents to doctors and nurses as tokens of appreciation.

AceShowbiz - Spice Girls star Geri Horner a.k.a. Geri Halliwell recently took on the role of Mrs. Claus to deliver presents to frontline National Health Service (NHS) workers in London.

The singer headed to Whittington Hospital earlier this month to deliver special gifts to doctors and nurses who have been working tirelessly throughout the pandemic, and the trip was filmed for an episode of her YouTube series, "Rainbow Woman".

"Today is not about me, today is about some amazing people that deserve appreciation, kindness and love," Geri said in the episode, which aired on Sunday, December 20.

"In life, we can all get a little bit complacent, take things for granted... We can lose touch with what's real, what's important."

"I'm actually reminded of the goodness of humanity, that actually human beings are good people. They really are. When you meet someone that has been really kind, you think, 'Oh God, there's me moaning about my own stuff.' For this moment, it puts it all into perspective. They go above and beyond every day, they just do. So today is about acknowledging that."

During the episode, Geri met with a number of NHS staff, including a freshly qualified intensive care unit nurse named Sara Finkel, who had only been working at the hospital for a few months before the pandemic took hold.

Sara told Geri, "I saw some people dying without their families. Literally, people were dying alone because families couldn't come in to see them. They spent their last days by themselves."

"I can imagine the sort of responsibility on your own heart to try and be there for them as well as on a medical way, but also on a human way. To try and prop them up," Geri replied.

"We should feel so proud that we have people like Sara in our communities and in our country," she said. "Thank you to everyone out there that has cared for us."

The footage was filmed before new restrictions limiting non-essential travel were introduced by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Saturday.

View the new episode on Geri’s YouTube channel here:

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