B. Simone Claps Back at Critics After Saying DaniLeigh Gets the 'Upper Hand' for Being Latina

The 'Breakfast Can Wait' singer herself doesn't show any hard feelings toward the Instagram influencer after the latter responds to the backlash with a joke about DaniLeigh being DaBaby's girlfriend.

AceShowbiz - B. Simone isn't going to retract her recent comments about DaniLeigh. Responding to the R&B singer's romance with her former flame DaBaby, the social media personality suggested that DaniLeigh won over her because she's a Latina.

Simone received a lot of criticism for her remark about DaniLeigh, but she's not apologizing for it. Instead, she returned to Instagram to clap back at the naysayers, adding a little humor. "I wasn't going to address this s**t, but here it f**king goes!" Simone said in a video. "This generation is so f**king stupid, that's y'all think if it trends, it's true."

"Y'all don't think I see the blogs in the f**king comments. I've been in the blogs all of 2020. Y'all wanna know the truth? Y'all really wanna know what's going on?" she continued before doing a bit in which she asked Siri who DaBaby's girlfriend is. "Siri knows the truth," she said.

"Siri, who is DaBaby's girlfriend?" she asked, before another woman showed up behind her to voice Siri, who answered, "DaBaby's girlfriend is the world renowned comedian B. Simone, who always says, 'Baby girl!' "

But it turned out Siri had a system glitch as it later corrected the answer, "It appears DaBaby's girlfriend is the beautiful, the thicker, the Dominican Mami DaniLeigh." Siri asked Simone, "Would you like me to play 'Easy' while you punch the air?" much to the comedian's annoyance.

The joke didn't go unnoticed by DaniLeigh, who later responded in the comment section of Simone's post. Showing no hard feelings toward the 30-year-old "Wild 'N Out" star, the singer wrote, "She a real oneee fasho lmao."

Simone previously said of DaniLeigh after the latter went public with her romance with the rapper, "The b***h is fly. I'm not a hater, she's f**king beautiful. She's Latin-Latin b***hes already have the upper hand." She continued raving, "Speak two languages and f**king spiciness is in your blood. It's not fair. Chilli peppers, b***h! Latin b***hes, they come out the vagina sexy. Like, how are you sexy at two, b***h? You're a f**kin' infant!"

But some people accused Simone of self-hating and belittling black people. "Women like #Bsimone make ppl so comfortable disrespecting black women. How we gone win if ppl on da boat drillin a hole in it when we not lookin," one person reacted.

Another said, "I hate seeing black women do this in videos.. stop belittling yourself on social media!!!!!!! I can't stress this enough!!!" A third one added, "Why is B Simone self degrading herself and praising Dani Leigh and calling latinas sexy at infancy.. cringe."

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