Rose McGowan Blasts NY Times for Hiding Harvey Weinstein's African American Male Victim

The 'Charmed' alum insinuates in her Twitter post that The New York Times and The New Yorker are covering up the 'explosive story' of Rovier Carrington because of his race.

AceShowbiz - Rose McGowan isn't done bringing up Harvey Weinstein's alleged wrongdoing. The actress, who spoke out as one of the disgraced producer's victims during the height of the Me Too movement, is now speaking up for another victim of the incarcerated sex offender.

On Tuesday, December 15, the "Grindhouse" star used her social media platform to shine the light on the "explosive story" of Weinstein's alleged African American male victim Rovier Carrington. Blasting The New York Times and The New Yorker for not picking up the young man's story on any of their articles, the 47-year-old star alleged that the newspapers sidelined him because of his race.

"Why are you @nytimes & @NewYorker hiding this explosive story?" so McGowan tweeted. "A different kind of Weinstein victim has come forward. Is it because he's a young, African American male that you are ignoring him?"

The Paige Matthews on the original "Charmed series" included a screenshot of a Notes page, a screenshot of additional coverage of the male victim and a court document showing Rovier Carrington's complaint against Harvey Weinstein and company regarding sexual assault of a minor, sexual assault of an adult, sexual harassment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, deprivation of civil rights, conspiracy to violate civil rights and more.

In the Notes, McGowan further questioned the media's silence in Carrington's allegations against Weinstein. "You received Pulitzers, fame & financial rewards because of my & other victims' bravery & pain. Why are you ignoring a young African American male victim?" she asked.

"This brave victim has had his story twisted by Hollywood media like @Variety, known to be mouthpieces for the powerful creeps that run Hollywood. This young man's situation is hard to imagine-but that doesn't make it untrue," the Notes continued to read.

"Prove that you are worth your Pulitzers and not just in it when convenient," she demanded. "Where's Ronan? Jodi? Meghan? I call on all honest investigative journalists who aren't in it for personal glory, those won can't be corrupted (like Hollywood media) to be better than you have to be. To take on complex monsters & tell the damned truth once again."

Carrington sued Weinstein, Summer Redstone and Brad Grey for sexual assault, in addition to Brian Graden for sexual assault of a minor and adult. He claimed that he was drugged and raped by multiple defendants at the same time.

In his suit, Carrington allegedly claimed that Redstone told him, "You're no fully white" and "No one will believe you," while Graden's attorney Larry Stein called him "stupid f**king N****r" who would "never win in court."

Carrington additionally alleged that the defense counsel teamed up with NY federal District Court Judge Failla to kill his case by falsifying evidence, deleting their fraud from the docket and dismissing the case against Carrington. Now the judge is allegedly trying to block him and his attorney from suing her and everyone else for their fraud on the court, threatening them with Contempt proceedings.

Weinstein is currently serving a 23-year prison sentence at Wende Correctional Facility after found guilty of criminal sexual assault in the first degree and rape in the third degree for incidents involving two separate women on May 25, 2018.

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