Porn Star Apologizes to Lil Baby After Exposing Hook-Up: He Loves Jayda Cheaves

Regretting her 'random' and 'drunk' tweets about the 'Drip Too Hard' rapper, Ms. London insinuates that their sex encounter didn't happen during his recent birthday celebration.

AceShowbiz - A porn star has apologized to Lil Baby after exposing him for paying her to have sex with him. Taking to her Twitter account on Tuesday, December 8, Ms. London posted, "Clearing out the air, their was a small misunderstanding on what I said, I was drinking but what I said was factual dates were just not aligned. And he was PISSED! I apologized and we were supposed to fix it for the public. Does baby love his girl ! YES!!!"

Apparently regretting that she came in between Baby and his girlfriend Jayda Cheaves, Ms. London added in another tweet, "Tried to fix this. This is the truth as always yall was assuming I was saying that day! I had no idea baby was here. I legit was randomly just speaking on him on some drunk s**t apparently his girl had a very Unique name. I was not being messy. Thinking people would assume her."

"I'm not just saying this because I like his d**k. respectfully it's true," she insisted. The adult film star went on defending the "Yes Indeed" spitter, "Got to keep it real we are all team Lil baby! He's good person maybe just horny. And I was just drunk and speaking to loud. My bad. Tryied to do damage control. The internet was not having that. Feel like we should stop trending and let them be in love."

When someone accused her of doing this for "clout," Ms. London explained, "When I first spoke I was legit with SOMEBODY ELSE. Tweets were taken out of content. Have I seen him for money yes!! But I was randomly tweeting about him."

She went on assuring that Baby "loves his girl (Jayda)" and insinuated that their hook-up didn't happen during his recent birthday celebration. "He was WITH HER at that point. Have I seen him of course but it wasn't in a disrespect time," she claimed.

Ms. London previously shared receipt of her alleged sex encounter with Baby after he denied her claims. In a DM allegedly sent by the Atlanta native to her, he wrote, "What's the point of paying if you do all that !! You fuccin the game up !! If I pay for p***y youn supposed to speak on it. That's bad business mama."

Meanwhile, Jayda appeared to blast Ms. London for the expose. "Tryna f**k up the brand. You bad for business." When someone suggested that Jadya should hold her man accountable for his actions, she assured that she's doing it, but not in public. "Babe im women first I handle his a** on the backend not on the internet," so she replied.

Blaming the porn star for causing the drama, she added, "Like even if that do be the case what's the point of speaking on it out loud? That be the part that f**k me up. Like ppl not player no more at all. Everything publicized." She went on tweeting about staying "prayed up" because there's "evil out here."

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