Jayda Cheaves Appears to Confirm Lil Baby Paid a Porn Star for Sex Despite His Denial

An adult film actress known as Ms. London claims that she was paid $16,000 to have sex with the 'Drip Too Hard' rapper and hints that she may end up getting sued for detailing their intimate encounter.

AceShowbiz - Jayda Cheaves has seemingly confirmed that her boyfriend Lil Baby did have a passionate night with a sex worker recently. A popular adult film star, Ms. London, has detailed her sexual encounter with the rapper, claiming that he paid her $16,000 to sleep with her.

Responding to the frenzy caused by Ms. London's revelation, Jayda has taken to Twitter to seemingly blast the porn star for exposing the "Yes Indeed" spitter. But realizing or not, she has also inadvertently confirmed her boyfriend's sexual encounter with Ms. London.

"Tryna f**k up the brand. You bad for business," she posted on Twitter. However, when one person replied that he/she hoped Jayda wasn't coming to Baby's defense, she wrote, "F**K NO GIRL."

When another person suggested that Jadya should hold her man accountable for his actions, she assured that she's doing it, but not in public. "Babe im women first I handle his a** on the backend not on the internet," so she replied.

Ms. London exposed Baby in a series of tweets on early Monday morning, December 7. "I'm legit about to talk s**t all night," she began her story. "Ok, I'm home, 6k richer & full of 1942," she wrote in a follow-up tweet.

She went on to brag about Baby's skills in bed. "The best d**k I ever had came from a millionaire who didn't say more than two full sentences to me. He literally beat me to the mattress soon as i got in the room," she added.

Ms. London claimed she was drunk and seemed to regret her decision to tweet their alleged tryst. "It's good im never gone get it again my publicist has confirmed," she wrote. "That I f**ked up before i even got in the house. I made mistake I'm logging off I was wasted. Extremely."

Ms. London didn't mention a name, but dropped a hint about the man who paid her for sex as she tweeted, "Not dropping no names, but jayda not leaving this man ever." She has since deleted her tweets.

Meanwhile, Baby denied her claims as he accused Ms. London of using him for clout. "I get it!! Say Baby name get clout. Y'all need to stop the desperate s**t," he tweeted. "When s**t going good watch for the devil !"

The 26-year-old star additionally tried to dispute Ms. London's timeline of their alleged sexual encounter as he claimed that "Jayda been wit me my whole b day including Vegas." He added, "y'all be on bs."

But Ms. London has her own receipt after Baby confronted her for airing out their business. She shared a DM allegedly sent by the Atlanta native to her which read, "What's the point of paying if you do all that !! You fuccin the game up !! If I pay for p***y youn supposed to speak on it. That's bad business mama."

One of Baby's exes and the mother of his oldest son has also weighed in on the drama, posting on Instagram Stories, "Don't be willing to give these h**s one night of selling p***y more than you're willing to suppy (sic) your own child to eat wit a month!"

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