Asian Doll Slams Rumors That She Wants Vanessa Bryant Treatment After King Von's Death

Seemingly tired of all the false reports about her following the death of her rapper boyfriend, the 'Poppin' ' raptress threatens to sue everyone involved in spreading the rumors.

AceShowbiz - Following the death of her boyfriend King Von, Asian Doll (Asian Da Brat) has been making headlines and one report claims that she's complaining for not getting as much as support like Vanessa Bryant did after Kobe Bryant died. Catching wind of the rumors, Asian didn't waste time to set the record straight.

"Asian Dolls feels that people are not supporting her after King Von died like they supported Vanessa Bryant when Kobe passed," wrote an account on Instagram. Going on Instagram Live, Asian immediately shut down the groundless claims.

"On my mama, any of y'all believing this s**t under the comments, get y'all a** on, too, 'cause y'all got me f***ed up," said the rapper. "I never said some s**t like this. Ain't no way--I see a n***a right there commenting--ain't no way!"

Seemingly tired of all the false reports about her, Asian threatened to sue everyone involved in spreading the rumors. "Playin' with me and s**t. I'm finna sue... Finna get sued," she warned everyone.

Prior to this, Asian was slammed by the late star's manager for revealing what she claimed to be Von's last words. "Von last words was 'y'all let them n***as get up on me.... stop crying y'all let them get me,' " Asian tweeted and deleted on November 8, seemingly alluding that the rapper's friends were to blame for his death.

Von's manager and CEO of 100K Management, Jameson Francois, denied the speculations, saying, "Let one more person from the outside that's close to Von keep on with all this goofy s**t. I promise I'ma expose all that goofy s**t, 'cause I was there n got shot behind this."

He also hinted that Von and Asian were not in relationship when he was killed. "Von didn't have anything to do with Asian Doll. Doll moved on and Von was doing some other things," he said. "He cared for her because he's a very loyal guy. So of course he wanted the best of her. But they wasn't that."

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