The 'Mission: Impossible - Fallout' claims the #MeToo movement following Harvey Weinstein scandal has sparked global movement for gender equality in Hollywood.

AceShowbiz - Vanessa Kirby has lauded the #MeToo movement for changing the landscape of the movie industry for women worldwide.

Following the sexual harassment claims made against disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein, countless more tales of harassment and discrimination in the industry were brought to light, sparking the global movement for gender equality in Hollywood.

In addition, #MeToo also served to alter the kinds of roles women were being offered, with "The Crown" star Vanessa telling Esquire magazine the movement "changed things overnight."

"(Before,) I think people just accepted that men are the heroes, they get the journeys, they're the protagonists, and women are the supporting roles: the wife, the girlfriend," she shared. "(But now there's) an active desire for people in power to create (fully realised, three-dimensional) parts for women. And a realisation that female-led movies can make money."

"I'm really excited by that," continued Vanessa. "There are so many stories about women that haven't been told. And it's not about putting a woman in a male role and her playing the equivalent of the masculine alpha. Which I also can't identify with. I don't feel like I recognise that person, this invincible woman. I want to see women who are humans. I want to see those really raw, big journeys that (female characters) used to have. I really feel that's my mission, to play a part in bringing that back."

Elsewhere in the interview, Vanessa reflected on how she has dealt with the Covid-19 lockdown and admitted it gave her time to pause - which her hectic career hasn't ever allowed her.

"I slept loads, which I haven't done properly for years. We developed a routine. That's something I've never had in my life, that kind of structure," she said. "It's soothing, isn't it? I think it's what human beings actually need."

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