When appearing on 'Live with Kelly and Ryan', the 'Pieces of a Woman' star spills on the post-COVID-lockdown plan she has with Helena Bonham Carter and Lesley Manville.

AceShowbiz - Vanessa Kirby can't wait to toast Princess Margaret with her fellow "The Crown" stars, Helena Bonham Carter and Lesley Manville, as soon as COVID restrictions allow.

The three British actresses have shared the role of Queen Elizabeth II's late sister on the hit Netflix series - Kirby originated the role before Bonham Carter took over for seasons three and four, while Manville will take on the task for the show's final two seasons - and they are making plans to get together for a royal cocktail hour.

"We have this little plan to all get together for a martini as soon as we can," Vanessa smiles. "As soon as we're fully out of lockdown it's going to be a sort of Margaret union in some ways - and a martini seems only fitting for Margaret."

The 2021 Oscar nominee insists she had no problem handing over the coveted royal role to Bonham Carter, because she always knew she'd only be attached to the drama for two seasons.

"We always knew we were all only going to do two seasons per each of us," she tells "Live with Kelly and Ryan". "Lesley Manville is taking over in the [fifth] season [and] they're just about to start [filming] now, so in a way it always felt a bit like passing the baton on."

In another interview, Vanessa admitted to be "a very anxious person, very, very sensitive" person. When speaking on "Make It Reign: The Podcast", she explained, "I think that's probably part of why somehow I always wanted to be an actress... because I felt things very deeply."

"I don't think I back myself enough and self-doubt is really painful. Essentially that voice that's saying, 'you're not good enough,' or 'you did that so badly,' or, inherently a core self-belief of not being enough," the 32-year-old added. "We do live in a society where there's constant comparison pressures... I think that it's a painful place to be."

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